Jeremiah's Ice Product Line Up of Featured Various Treats from Left to Right; Chocolate Soft Ice Cream in a Waffle Cone, Strawberry Italian Ice, Blueberry Gelati layered with Blue Razz Italian Ice, Vanilla Soft Ice Cream with Rainbow Sprinkle Layer-In, Oreo Mud Pie Flavorite, Peanut Butter Cup Flavorite, Swirl Soft Ice Cream in a Cake Cone with Rainbow Sprinkles.

Our Tasty Treats

Jeremiahs Flavorites

The perfect layering of authentic Italian Ice, indulgent Soft Ice Cream & decadent Layer-Ins.

Assortment of Flavorites

Jeremiah's Gelati

The perfect layering of any flavor (or flavors) of Italian Ice and our rich and creamy Soft Ice Cream.

Orange and Vanilla Dessert

Italian Ice

With more than 40 flavors spanning the taste spectrum, you’re sure to find your sweet tooth fix.

Fruit Flavored Italian Ice

Soft Ice Cream

Certified rich and creamy – available in Vanilla, Chocolate and Swirl.

Chocolate and Vanilla Swirl Soft Ice Cream

Our Tasty Italian Ice Flavors

Blue Razz
Scoop Froggy Frog
Cookies And Cream
Key West Tropical
Pina Colada
Stawberry Lemon
Sour Green Apple
Cookie Butter
Black Raspberry
P Nutty
Bahama Freeze
Cotton Candy
Cake Batter
Sea Salted Caramel
Orange Smash
Sugar Free Sour Green Apple
Black Cherry
Passion Fruit
Root Beer
Caffe Latte
Sugar Free Cherry
Sugar Free Tangerine
Jeremiah’s Oreo Crème Italian Ice
Jeremiah's Ice Cookie Dough Italian Ice
Jeremiah’s Oreo® Mocha Italian Ice Name Card
Product Photo

Jeremiah's Italian Ice's Vanilla, Chocolate and Swirl Soft Ice Cream featured in a Cake Cone, Waffle Cone and Cup.

Delicious Soft Ice Cream

Chocolate, Vanilla & Swirl

Enjoy in a cup, cake or waffle cone...

Jeremiah’s Soft Ice Cream is certified rich and creamy – an indulgent treat on its own or in a cone, but also the perfect pairing with our Italian Ice, layered in a Jeremiah’s Gelati.

Mint Italian Ice with Chocolate Ice Cream and Oreo Crumbles

Ice Cream Layer Ins Additions

Oreo® Crumbles
Cookie Butter Crumbles
Mini Hershey’s® Chocolate Chips
Rainbow Sprinkles

Our Layer-Ins add an extra layer of sweet into your tasty frozen treat! These decadent add-ons create countless flavor combo options, and turn a Gelati into a Flavorite!

Check out our pre-created combos within our Frog Squad Flavorites!

Jeremiah's Catering

Looking to add a refreshing twist to your next event? From Pre-Packaged Treats to On-Site Scooping, Jeremiah’s has tasty options for any occasion! Click below to learn more on how we can best serve you.

Collection of Italian Ices and gelatis with a catering bag
Assortment of custom Italian Ice, Ice Cream, and Layer-In combos

Jeremiah's Flavorites

Jeremiah’s Flavorites are the star of our menu, featuring refreshing Italian Ice layered with rich, creamy Soft Ice Cream and decadent Layer-Ins. Try one of our pre-built Flavorites or Build Your Own… The flavor combo options are endless!

Nutritional Information

Please click the link below to view the Nutritional Information for our frozen treats. For Allergens, use our “Filter By Allergen” button within our Ice Flavors listing above, to see which flavors are a sweet fit for your dietary needs.

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