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Our vision is to be the coolest frozen dessert brand, by staying true to our Core Values with BOLD flavors, GENUINE guest service, a GENEROUS heart for our communities, VIBRANT locations, a Frog Squad ‘COOL‘ factor, and a STRATEGIC vision.

So grab a spoon, unleash your inner cool, and get ready to Live Life to the Coolest!

Jeremiah's Italian Ice Corporate Core Values







The “Ice Age”

The History of Jeremiah’s

Jeremy Litwack, Founder of Jeremiah's Italian Ice

Jeremy Litwack

Founder & Top Frog

Meet Jeremy

Jeremy ‘Jeremiah’ Litwack first leapt into the world of frozen delights as a high schooler behind a pushcart in front of the Philadelphia Mint, as he pursued a passion for the refreshing treats he’d fallen in love with throughout his childhood on the Jersey Shore, Water Ice (or Wooder Ice in the local vernacular).

His next leap would come after graduating from college, renting a truck and a warehouse from which he commenced the development of his very own proprietary Italian Ice flavors and recipes, that would ultimately lay the groundwork for the incredible treats we feature today!

After hopping down to Central Florida in 1996 to introduce the Southeast to his tasty frozen desserts, he opened the first Jeremiah’s Italian Ice location in Winter Park, FL. From day one, Jeremy was unwaveringly committed to scooping up smiles to all his Guests, rapidly becoming a community staple. And since that time, Jeremiah’s Italian Ice has evolved into a cherished family favorite.

Jeremy’s delectable treats and the culture he developed for the Jeremiah’s Frog Squad can now be found in more than 130 locations in 11 states, thanks to the Jeremiah’s Franchise Family. Their commitment to uphold Jeremy’s vision and the Jeremiah’s Frogma (our Core Values), ensures all of our guests in every location are able to receive the flavorful experiences Jeremy set out to develop.

Jeremy and the Jeremiah’s Frog Squad now look to the future and the next leap of growth to come, remaining unwaveringly dedicated to Jeremy’ driving mantra, to Live Life to the Coolest every day.


Jeremiah's Ice Age - Jeremy Litwack in High School


Jeremiah’s Italian Ice started as a dream in the mind of the founder, Jeremy Litwack, when he was a high school student selling Italian Ice in front of the Philadelphia Mint.

Jeremiah's Italian Ice, Founded in Orlando Florida


After mastering his craft by developing his very own recipes for authentic Italian Ice (Wooder Ice) and Gelatis, Jeremy challenged himself to find the perfect sweet spot in the Southeast to introduce his bold, refreshing desserts to a market in need of tasty frozen treats… Central Florida.

Jeremiah's Italian Ice's first location in Winter Park, FL.


Jeremiah’s Ice of Winter Park opens its doors and becomes the 1st official Jeremiah’s Italian Ice location!

Jeremiah's Expands in Central Florida


Over the next 20 years, Jeremiah’s builds local partnerships to sweetly impact their surrounding cool communities through generously giving back, while boldly cultivating a genuine following with its cool frozen treats, five-star customer service, and vibrant, unforgettable brand.

Jeremiah's Leaps Into Franchising


Jeremiah’s invites a new Franchise Family to join the Frog Squad in 2019 with their franchise program. Since that time, they’ve opened more than 130 locations in 11 states. The Jeremiah’s Frog Squad and Franchise Family continue to grow nationwide, never losing sight of their Core Values and staying true to their mantra to Live Life To The Coolest!

Sweeten Your Lifestyle Through Franchising

Our incredible Franchise Family scoops up flavorful experiences in markets across the Southeast, showcasing our Frog Squad Culture and exuding a genuine commitment to their Cool Communities!

Interested in joining the Jeremiah’s Frog Squad with a sweet spot all your own? Click below to get the scoop on living the sweet life with Jeremiah’s Franchising!

Jeremiah's Italian Ice Mascot in front of a Location

Our Tastiest Treats!

JEREMIAH’S FLAVORITES layer any flavor (or flavors) of Jeremiah’s authentic Italian Ice with rich and creamy Soft Ice Cream and decadent Layer-Ins to develop the ultimate frozen treat.Build your very own Flavorite OR check out our pre-built Flavorites by clicking the button below.

Assortment of different Jeremiah's Flavorites, featuring Italian Ice, Ice Cream, and fun Layer-Ins

Jeremiah’s Flavorites

Our Favorite Gelati Flavors with a Layer-In!

Funtastic Fundraising

One of our Core Values is GENEROSITY. Scoop up a taste of offerings to our Cool Communities by clicking the button below!
Community Members Holding Jeremiah's Italian Ice Treats

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