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Jeremiah’s Leap Back 2024: A Retrospective

Leap Back Celebration

Hopping into February 2024, we find ourselves in a moment of fond reflection for all the tasty treats, smiling faces, and sweet memories that have made up our 28 years of Living Life to the Coolest. As we enter our 8th Leap Year since the first Jeremiah’s Italian Ice opened in 1996, we’re transported through time as we flash back through our past, cherish how far we’ve come, and look forward to all the flavorful experiences yet to come.

Jeremy ‘Jeremiah’ Litwack’s first leap into the world of frozen delights was as a high schooler behind a pushcart in front of the Philadelphia Mint, as he pursued a passion for the refreshing treats he’d fallen in love with throughout his childhood on the Jersey Shore – Water Ice (or Wooder Ice in the local vernacular). His next leap would come after graduating from college, renting a truck and a warehouse from which he commenced the development of his very own proprietary Italian Ice flavors and recipes, that would ultimately lay the groundwork for the incredible treats we feature today!

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After hopping down to Central Florida in 1996 to introduce the Southeast to his tasty frozen desserts, he opened the first Jeremiah’s Italian Ice location in Winter Park, FL. From day one, Jeremy was unwaveringly committed to scooping up smiles to all his Guests, rapidly becoming a community staple. And since that time, Jeremiah’s Italian Ice has evolved into a cherished family favorite. Our delectable treats and the warm smiles of the Jeremiah’s Frog Squad can now be found in almost 140 locations in 11 states, thanks to our incredible Franchise Family. In every community we enter, we find ourselves humbled by the warm reception our cool treats receive. We’re grateful to see our desserts woven into the fabric of family gatherings, celebrations, and those cherished moments that simply call for a scoop of pure joy.

The backbone of the Jeremiah’s menu, our authentic Italian Ice, has remained just as flavor-packed and refreshing as it was back in Jeremy’s original Flavor Lab, yet this simple treat has come so far! With more than 40 rotating flavors, and 24 flavors available daily, there’s a flavor for any palate, from Mango and Strawberry to Scoop Froggy Frog (mint chocolate chip) and Cookie Butter. Add the flavor customization that comes with perfectly layering any flavor(s) of Ice with our rich and creamy Soft Ice Cream, and you have the legendary Jeremiah’s Gelati. Take it a step further in a Flavorite, by adding a layer of our Layer-Ins, like Oreo Cookie Crumbles or Mini Chocolate Chips, and the flavor creation options are limitless.

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As we embark on the celebration of our 28th year, Jeremiah’s Ice is hopping back in time, through leap years past, with a month-long celebration – Jeremiah’s Leap Back. Throughout February, we’re sharing Froggy Flashback Trivia, and inviting our loyal J-List Rewards members to join our journey with two weekly Leap Back Offers. It all culminates in a massive Leap Day Party on the 29th in each of our locations. On that day, the J-List community can scoop up Leap Back Pricing with $.96 Small Ices & Gelatis – a humble nod to our inaugural year.

Gather your loved ones, join the celebration, and let’s raise our spoons to 28 years of Living Life to the Coolest at Jeremiah’s Italian Ice!

To hop aboard this time-travelin’ journey, be sure to join the coolest club around, the Jeremiah’s J-List, at https://jlist.jeremiahsice.com or download the J-List Rewards app on the App Store or GooglePlay.

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