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Leaping back to the leap year of 2016, it stands out as a pivotal moment for Jeremiah’s Italian Ice, marked by steady growth and exciting leaps beyond the greater Orlando area, into new Florida markets. While these first hops outside of Central Florida could be scary at times, we were greeted with such overwhelming love from the cool communities that we entered, and we were left grateful and humbled by the universality of the smiles that tasty frozen treats deliver! 

As Jeremiah’s Ice leaped into new towns, the Frog Squad Culture shone through, with a commitment to spread joy with sweet treats and flavorful experiences. It’s our goal to become a cornerstone of the neighborhoods we enter, and in 2016, not only were we growing with new locations opening, but we were also spreading our tasty frozen treats through an incredibly active Community Vending and Catering program. 

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Serving our sweet treats out in the community has always been an integral part of the Jeremiah’s Italian Ice mantra to Live Life to the Coolest, but by 2016, we’d developed all new ways to bring our frozen delights directly to schools, churches, community centers, local businesses, hospitals… you name it. We were honored to find ourselves invited to be a part of intimate family gatherings and to be a part of memorable life events. From weddings and birthday parties to Little League celebrations and even memorial services, we cherished the opportunity to share a slice of life with cups of Ice.

Looking back, 2016 reminded the Frog Squad that there’s so much more to the Jeremiah’s experience than our Italian Ice, Gelatis, and Soft Ice Cream. It’s about the joy we scoop, the smiles we make, and the memories we share, whatever town we’re in, whatever event we’re at. We’re grateful to Live Life to the Coolest in all of our cool communities!

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All February long we’re leapin’ back through time, hitting every Leap Year along the way to celebrate our past, present, and future. And on our throwback journey, we’re inviting our loyal J-List members along for the ride, by dropping 2 exclusive Leap Back offers in their apps each week, alongside fun Froggy Flashback trivia. And when we reach our final destination, we’ll be celebrating with a Leap Day Party like no other on Thursday, Feb. 29th, featuring $.96 Small Ices & Gelatis, plus exciting giveaways.

To hop aboard this time-travelin’ trip, be sure to join the coolest club around, the Jeremiah’s J-List, at https://jlist.jeremiahsice.com or download the J-List Rewards app on the App Store or GooglePlay.

Find out how to add a cool twist to our next special event or get-together at https://JeremiahsIce.com/catering.

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