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Rewind to the leap year of 2012, and you’ll find Jeremiah’s Italian Ice founder, Jeremy Litwack diligently at work in the Jeremiah’s Flavor Lab, continuing to kick out tasty new treats, as his burgeoning frozen dessert brand continued to expand into new Central Florida communities. 

Jeremy has always held two loves as Top Frog at Jeremiah’s Ice. First, his unwavering commitment to product innovation, developing the tastiest, most refreshing, and the most vibrant treats around! And second, when he wasn’t mad-scientisting, he could certainly be found chatting with the smiling Guests at one of Jeremiah’s sweet spots. In the end, it’s always been about the smiles, and the treats that put them there!

The Jeremiah’s Italian Ice menu has always featured a wide variety of flavor options to choose from, ensuring any sweet tooth can find just the right flavor profile to get their fix, but around 2012, some of Jeremiah’s most popular Italian Ice flavors were being developed, including Cake Batter, Caffé Latte, and Sea Salted Caramel. These delicious delights took Italian Ice in a whole new direction, and once layered with rich and creamy Soft Ice Cream in a Jeremiah’s Gelati, the end product was nothing less than decadent.

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The menu innovation certainly didn’t end in 2012! Jeremy and his new Flavor Lab Team have gone onto develop countless dessert creations since. Check out all of Jeremiah’s tasty frozen treats at https://JeremiahsIce.com/our-treats!


All February long we’re leapin’ back through time, hitting every Leap Year along the way to celebrate our past, present, and future. And on our throwback journey, we’re inviting our loyal J-List members along for the ride, by dropping 2 exclusive Leap Back offers in their apps each week, alongside fun Froggy Flashback trivia. And when we reach our final destination, we’ll be celebrating with a Leap Day Party like no other on Thursday, Feb. 29th, featuring $.96 Small Ices & Gelatis, plus exciting giveaways.

To hop aboard this time-travelin’ trip, be sure to join the coolest club around, the Jeremiah’s J-List, at https://jlist.jeremiahsice.com or download the J-List Rewards app on the App Store or GooglePlay.

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