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Leap Back Celebration

As we time-hop to the Leap Year of 2008, we find our Frog Squad in the vibrant neighborhood of Maitland, FL, preparing to open the third Jeremiah’s Italian Ice location ever! This marked yet another milestone in the journey of Jeremy (affectionately known as Jeremiah) and his passion for crafting delectable frozen treats. And as the team approached this new leap in growth, the Jeremiah’s menu continued to evolve, thanks to Jeremy’s innovative spirit and constant Flavor tinkering, but also the creativity of Jeremiah’s guests!

2008 Jeremiah's Ice of Maitland

The Jeremiah’s Italian Ice menu has always been focused on experimentation and personalization – a canvas for guests to unleash their imagination and create their own custom frozen delights. The concept of layering any flavor (or flavors) of Italian Ice with any flavor Soft Ice Cream, in a Jeremiah’s Gelati, allows for endless customization, inviting customers to become their own ‘treat scientists’ by crafting unique flavor combos, tailored to their preferences. This interactive approach to frozen treats is layered into the ‘flavorful experiences’ that the Frog Squad is committed to providing to each and every guest. And the options have only expanded since, with the development of our Flavorites – premium Gelatis featuring decadent Layer-Ins. You can learn about all of our tasty treats at https://jeremiahsice.com/our-treats/.

Beyond its ever-expanding menu, Jeremiah’s Italian Ice leapt into its role as a cool community partner in Maitland – a place where families and friends gathered to share vibrant moments and sweet memories. The success of our locations is not solely measured by volume, but rather by the smiles produced! Through dedication to our Frog Squad culture and our Core Values, we invited Maitland to Live Life to the Coolest with us, and we do the same today, across the Southeast. Learn more about the Jeremiah’s Frogma at https://jeremiahsice.com/about/ and find your closest sweet spot at https://jeremiahsice.com/locations/.

Jeremiah's Ice Guests and Soft Ice Cream Cones


All February long we’re leapin’ back through time, hitting every Leap Year along the way to celebrate our past, present, and future. And on our throwback journey, we’re inviting our loyal J-List members along for the ride, by dropping 2 exclusive Leap Back offers in their apps each week, alongside fun Froggy Flashback trivia. And when we reach our final destination, we’ll be celebrating with a Leap Day Party like no other on Thursday, Feb. 29th, featuring $.96 Small Ices & Gelatis, plus exciting giveaways.

To hop aboard this time-travelin’ trip, be sure to join the coolest club around, the Jeremiah’s J-List, at https://jlist.jeremiahsice.com or download the J-List Rewards app on the App Store or GooglePlay.

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