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As Jeremiah’s Italian Ice approached the new millennium, Jeremy’s dedication to perfecting his frozen creations and delivering flavorful guest experiences, reached new heights. Mastering the craft of scooping up perfect frozen treats became more than just a skill; it was an art form that Jeremy passionately pursued, ensuring that every scoop of Italian Ice and every layer of Soft Ice Cream were scooped with precision, care, and love. And with a menu that encourages guests to layer their own unique flavor combinations of Ice and Soft Ice Cream in a Jeremiah’s Gelati, his loyal customers were becoming quite the flavor masters themselves!

As Jeremy started to build his initial team, to become affectionately known as the Jeremiah’s Frog Squad, he was grateful to find individuals that aligned with his vision and personified the Jeremiah’s Core Values ( Some of these original Frog Squad team members still work with the brand today, a true testament to the culture the brand has fostered from day one.

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And while his Frog Squad held down the fort in the original location, Jeremy was able to do more and more of what he loved, getting out in the community meeting new neighbors, tasty frozen treats in hand. Jeremy’s generosity to community remains a core tenet for the brand today. Whether sponsoring local events, supporting school fundraisers, or collaborating with churches, the Jeremiah’s brand strives to become synonymous with goodwill and warmth (through cool treats) in each of our locations. These partnerships not only amplify the vibrancy of Jeremiah’s Ice but also fosters a sense of community that transcends frozen treats. You can learn more about Jeremiah’s Fundraising programs at

As Winter Park became more and more familiar with what a ‘Gelati’ is, the word started to spread rapidly about Jeremiah’s Italian Ice, and more and more Guests hopped in to experience Jeremy’s vision come to life. Jeremy’s Gelati, a perfect layering of Italian Ice and Soft Ice Cream, wasn’t just a culinary innovation; it was a testament to Jeremy’s commitment to craftsmanship and quality. As Jeremy continued to experiment with new flavors and combinations, the Jeremiah’s Gelati became a canvas for creativity, enticing guests to embark on a flavorful adventure with every visit.

Today, as Jeremiah’s Italian Ice continues to innovate and grow, Jeremy Litwack’s legacy lives on in every layer of Gelati and in each smile shared in our communities. His pioneering spirit, strategic foresight, and genuine passion for crafting flavorful dessert experiences have left an indelible mark on the frozen treat landscape. With each cool indulgence, the spirit of Jeremy’s revolution lives on, inviting all to Live Life to the Coolest with the Jeremiah’s Frog Squad.


All February long we’re leapin’ back through time, hitting every Leap Year along the way to celebrate our past, present, and future. And on our throwback journey, we’re inviting our loyal J-List members along for the ride, by dropping 2 exclusive Leap Back offers in their apps each week, alongside fun Froggy Flashback trivia. And when we reach our final destination, we’ll be celebrating with a Leap Day Party like no other on Thursday, Feb. 29th, featuring $.96 Small Ices & Gelatis, plus exciting giveaways.

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