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In the sizzling Florida Summer of 1996, a cool treat revolution took shape when Jeremy Litwack, aka ‘the Top Frog,’ leapt into the frozen dessert scene with the opening of the very first Jeremiah’s Italian Ice in Winter Park, outside Orlando, FL. Jeremy’s frozen treats would soon become a household name in Central Florida and beyond.

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Jeremy (‘Jeremiah’) originally fell in love with authentic, refreshing Italian Ice as a child visiting the Jersey Shore, and from his very first spoonful, he instantly identified his life destiny – to develop his own proprietary frozen dessert recipes with unrivaled flavor and decadence, to scoop as many spoonfuls of happiness as he could to new markets throughout the US, and to, of course, Live Life to the Coolest all along the way.

Throughout high school, Jeremy immersed himself in the frozen treat world behind a push cart in front of the Philadelphia Mint, scooping Water Ice (or Wooder Ice in the local vernacular) utilizing a friend as a supplier of these frozen delights. It was after attending the University of Delaware, that Jeremy took his next strategic leap, renting a warehouse, a truck, and putting his passion to work through the crafting of his very own frozen treats, from scratch. Layer by layer, scoop by scoop, Jeremy experimented with bold and refreshing combinations, birthing creamy and rich Italian Ice that would redefine the category, and soon find make their way across the Southeast.

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After hopping down south to introduce his treats to markets not previously familiar with traditional Italian Ice, he landed in Winter Park, FL, where Jeremy found his sweet spot. His upbeat and generous spirit resonated throughout the Orlando community, as he swarmed the neighborhoods with free treats and fostered community relationships with schools, churches, and non-profits! The first Jeremiah’s Italian Ice rapidly became a local hub of activity, serving as the venue for friend meet-ups, high school hang-outs, family gatherings, birthday parties, first dates, and celebrations of all sorts. This passion for community and commitment to Jeremiah’s Core Values (https://jeremiahsice.com/about) can still be found today in each and every Jeremiah’s Italian Ice location.

In those foundational days, some of Jeremiah’s most classic Italian Ice flavors sprung forth from Jeremy’s flavor lab, with many of them still available on Jeremiah’s Ice menus today – from Mango and Cookies & Cream to Strawberry Lemon and Scoop Froggy Frog (mint chocolate chip), there’s a flavor to satisfy any craving. It was in the first Jeremiah’s Italian Ice location that Jeremy also introduced the Jeremiah’s Gelati – the perfect layering of any flavor (or flavors) Italian Ice with rich and creamy Soft Ice Cream. And now, with the addition of Layer-Ins in Jeremiah’s Flavorites, the menu offers limitless customization and personalization options for our Guests, a key element in a Jeremiah’s flavorful experience.

Today, with almost 140 locations across 11 states, Jeremiah’s Italian Ice remains a sweet spot for those looking for vibrant, cool, and flavorful experiences, scooped up in the form of tasty frozen treats. The results of Jeremy’s mantra to Live Life to the Coolest can continue to be experienced in each and every Jeremiah’s Italian Ice location, thanks to the Jeremiah’s Franchise Family (https://jeremiahsfranchise.com), who’ve carried on the scooper, remaining true to his original vision, embracing the Frog Squad culture.

28 Years and 7 Leap Years later, Jeremy still thrives on getting to know as many guests as he possibly can, drawing joy from each and every smile in Jeremiah’s Ice locations and their communities. With continued expansion into new markets and states, the journey is far from over, and with the founder’s passion infused throughout the larger culture of the Jeremiah’s Brand and the Jeremiah’s Frog Squad, there’s no doubt there are tremendous leaps still ahead – one scoop at a time!


All February long we’re leapin’ back through time, hitting every Leap Year along the way to celebrate our past, present, and future. And on our throwback journey, we’re inviting our loyal J-List members along for the ride, by dropping 2 exclusive Leap Back offers in their apps each week, alongside fun Froggy Flashback trivia. And when we reach our final destination, we’ll be celebrating with a Leap Day Party like no other on Thursday, Feb. 29th, featuring $.96 Small Ices & Gelatis, plus exciting giveaways.

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