a.k.a. 'the Ice Age'

Jeremiah's Italian Ice started as an idea in the mind of owner Jeremy Litwack when he was a high school student selling Italian Ice in front of the Philadelphia Mint. The idea grew while Jeremy studied marketing at the University of Delaware, blossoming into a thriving pushcart and ice cream truck enterprise. With the capital from these endeavors, Jeremy rented a warehouse space in 1992, where he perfected his technique for combining fresh fruit, fruit puree, filtered water and sugar into a cold, refreshing treat.

In the summer of 1996 Jeremy's passion really bore fruit with the opening of the first Jeremiah's Italian Ice location in Winter Park, Florida. In the years that have followed, Jeremy has spread his tasty frozen treats into new markets throughout the state of Florida, cultivating a passionate following with consistently delicious frozen treats, 5-star customer service, and a vibrant brand.

Today, Jeremiah's Italian Ice excitedly looks to the future, prepared to continue to spread the Jeremiah's Brand throughout Florida and beyond, all the while staying true to their mantra: LIVE LIFE TO THE COOLEST.

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